CIP GROUP masters Pandemic in the first half of 2020

The coronavirus has affected our global economy, social life and health system. In the past months, CIP took a pro-active and offensive approach to meet the challenges of the pandemic. “We have a responsibility to our customers, employees and stakeholders to be successful in both social and financial terms”, says Yao Wen. The dynamic growth of CIP combined with high customer demands on the companies’ products and services requires solid, efficient and traceable business processes. “Initially, our China Office was effected. Therefore, we gained experience how to deal with the crisis in this exceptional situation and how to make smart and quick decisions”, remembers CIPs Chairwomen. The safety and well-being of the employees affected by COVID-19 is the priority at CIP. Consequently, the management board implemented new ways of digital office rules and remote work to handle the daily business. Doing so, CIP was able to avoid short-time working during the crisis. Since a few weeks, the company is gradually returning to an adapted normality and rotating teams are back in the headquarters’ office.

In all of CIPs business units, customers can take advantage of the extensive experience and market knowledge of the European and Asian economy. In the midst of the pandemic, CIP started sourcing personal protective equipment from China. The highly experienced international Supply Chain specialists in Munich and Shenzhen identified reliable and proven manufacturers of medical equipment in China. With the contribution of the long-lasting partner Bolloré Logistics, CIP purchased over half a million masks in China and delivered them to public authorities and private companies in Germany. Additionally, CIP continues it’s initiatives with the Greek 2004 European Champions. After their great success, they are now also listening to society and its needs. CIP contributed to the donation of eight portable respirators, to health institutions in Greece.

However, not only the segment of personal protection became important. Another sector recorded a market increase due to the pandemic: cycling and micro mobility. Corona and the climate change are promoting a rethink among the society towards climate-friendly individual mobility. CIP is continuing to develop a smart mobility solution especially for inner cities. “I expect a further increase in demand of new mobility solutions as people consider resuming journeys to work and free time when corona restrictions ease”, says Dimitrios Bachadakis, CEO of CIP. By end of this year, CIP Mobility will initiate the industrialisation of the Generation 1 vehicle and start the pilot phase with selected customers. During the time of Corona the team is growing. Dimitrios Bachadakis: “We are going through a phase of growth in which we recruit high qualified employees for the company”.

The CIP GROUP (CIP HOLDING AG) is a worldwide thriving group of companies. On the ground of a high-worth network and customer centric business models between China and the rest of the world, CIP develops innovative and sustainable business opportunities into high revenue companies in the fields of Industrial Supply Chain, Energy & Infrastructure, Micro e-Mobility and M&A Services. The Headquarter is Munich, Germany.


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