mocci wins Design & Innovation Award 2023

Munich, January 25, 2023

Mobility rethought and awarded: mocci wins the Design & Innovation Award 2023 with its innovative, robust, and reliable work and cargo e-bikes. With its Smart Pedal Vehicles (SPV), mocci sets completely new standards for commercial mobility in urban areas. “With mocci, we combine functionality, sustainability and design in a holistic platform. We are very proud of the award and pleased with the appreciation of the renowned jury,” says co-founder Dimitrios Bachadakis. “With our SPVs, we will serve a wide range of B2B customers and shape urban mobility in 2023.”

Efficient, smooth, and sustainable

With its Smart Pedal Vehicles, mocci combines intelligent software and hardware while eliminating the need for chains and belts. The bikes also require significantly less maintenance and are much more durable than conventional cargo e-bikes.

As a core innovation, mocci uses a digital chainless drive unit. The serial hybrid’s drive system is based on a concept in which the pedals drive a generator that produces energy for the electric motor in the rear wheel – all without a chain or belt. Additional support is provided by the replaceable, high-performance battery. By eliminating mechanical power transmission and reducing the number of components, mocci has created a very safe and low-maintenance system.

As a further innovation, instead of steel or aluminum frames, mocci relies on a construction made of a recyclable and extremely robust plastic. For example, the front and rear wheels and frame are made from just one structural component. The CO2 emissions in the production of such a frame are about 68% lower than in the production of a conventional aluminum frame. The degree of recycling is around 95% because there is no material mixing. Processing steps such as painting, or welding are fully eliminated.

Multi-use for all industries

Behind the award-winning design are many other benefits for commercial customers: mocci puts the driver and his needs in the foreground and creates a new individual user experience, seamless integration, and safe driving. Thanks to diverse individual transport solutions for customers, mocci can be used to realize a variety of inner-city and operational mobility scenarios. With their low downtimes and a long service life of five years, the Smart Pedal Vehicles offer enormous advantages, especially for commercial customers. The work and cargo e-bikes for last-mile logistics can be used, for example, to deliver groceries, for courier trips, with an additional trailer as a compact service vehicle for urban areas or for modern campus mobility. A driver’s license and additional costs due to taxes or insurance are not required to drive the Smart Pedal Vehicles. Interested customers from any sector can get to test drive them on request.

About the Design & Innovation Award 2023

The Design & Innovation Award is considered as a seal of quality and benchmark for the most outstanding products in the outdoor, bike and fitness industries, as well as a catalyst for future innovations. Already since 2013, the DI.A has been testing the most promising new launches under real-life conditions and with an experienced jury to identify and award the most outstanding products and the most important trends of the new season at an early stage. More at

About mocci 

As a brand of CIP Mobility GmbH, mocci is part of the CIP GROUP, which has been focusing on sustainable trends and business models for years. Started in 2004 as a Siemens management buy-out by Yao Wen and Dimitrios Bachadakis, the CIP Group’s field of activity today focusses on the development, implementation, and scaling of innovative and sustainable business models. mocci is revolutionizing the growing European market for work and cargo e-bikes in the B2B sector with its innovative Smart Pedal Vehicles. According to renowned studies, the size of the B2B market in 2022 was 2 million e-bikes in Europe. This is expected to increase to nearly 7 million units by 2023.

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