Strategic Transaction Advisory

CIP CAPITAL GmbH is playing the key role in identifying, connecting and guiding large scale transactions between Principals from China & Europe.

Advisory and strategic representation of European & Chinese Investors

The demand for reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable advisory services in order to successfully invest in Asia and Europe is growing.

Corporate investors have a long history of investments in the respective foreign markets. Not all of them were successful and a lot of changes had to be made post investment to be successful.

The reasons are cultural barriers, lack of investment and integration strategies as well as insufficient transaction and post-merger investment management.

In order to support Chinese and European investors CIP founded a Strategic Advisory Business Unit.

Pushing Boundaries Through Well Executed Transactions

We offer a proven, strong and high-level network in Germany, Europe and China, covering all relevant stakeholders and involved third party advisors for a successful transaction.

Furthermore, we offer a strong, long-lastingĀ  experience as well as a track record in industrial M&A transactions on both the buy and sell side.

We have a dedicated team for each individual transaction, which takes full responsibility for the entire value chain from structuring the business to strategic management.

From Sourcing to Post Acquisition Strategy

We strategically guide transaction processes for industrial, financial, insurance and new tech companies from Europe & China.

Deal Sourcing

  • Definition Investment criteria together with Investor
  • Identification of suitable target companies in coordination with investor

Deal Making

  • Identification of optimal strategy to approach investment target
  • Set-up of investment structure in coordination with investor
  • Coordinate & manage transaction process
  • Manage negotiation process and close deal on behalf of the investor

Strategic Management

  • Targets management oversight
  • Ensure execution of post-acquisition strategy
  • Prepare exit process if required

Yao Wen

Chairwomen CIP Group & Market Expert for China

Dimitrios Bachadakis

CEO CIP Group & Market Expert for Europe