Bolloré Logistics Germany launches pilot project with mocci Smart Pedal Vehicle for sustainable delivery logistics

Sustainable logistics at the Hamburg site of Bolloré Logistics: since February 2023, the company has been relying on mocci’s work and cargo bikes in a pilot project. The innovative pedelecs replace transport via vans and trucks, which are used daily to reach the company’s customer sites, its logistics center and customs clearance areas for the exchange of a large number of spare parts, tools and documents.

In collaboration with the Munich-based company CIP Mobility GmbH and its e-load bicycles sold under the mocci brand, Bolloré Logistics is implementing concrete measures to reduce its CO2 emissions. Combating climate change, improving air quality and protecting nature are crucial to Bolloré Logistics. The company also aims to reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions by 43% by 2027 compared to 2017.

“This pilot project is just the beginning. We want to continue our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint in Germany and in cooperation with mocci. Our goal is to launch more similar projects with key customers and partners,” explains Tobias Deil, Managing Director of Bolloré Logistics Germany. 

With the Smart Pedal Vehicle, mocci has developed an eBike specifically for the demanding, commercial sector. Thanks to intelligent software and hardware, the novel, robust and reliable cargo bike does not require any chains or belts at all. This makes it extremely low-maintenance and much more durable than conventional e-load bikes.            

The digital, chainless drive unit is one of mocci’s core innovations. The serial hybrid’s drive system is based on a concept in which the pedals drive a generator that produces energy for the electric motor in the rear wheel. Additional support is provided by the replaceable, high-performance battery. By eliminating mechanical power transmission and reducing the number of components, mocci has created a very safe and low-maintenance system.

As a further innovation, instead of steel or aluminum frames, mocci relies on a construction made of a recyclable and extremely robust plastic. For example, the front and rear wheels as well as the frame consist of only one structural component. The CO2 emissions in the production of such a frame are about 68% lower than in the production of a conventional aluminum frame. The degree of recycling is around 95% because there is no material mixing. Environmentally harmful processing steps such as painting or welding are eliminated.

“We are particularly proud of the strategic partnership with Bolloré Logistics and look forward to significantly changing mobility in the logistics industry,” emphasizes Dimitrios Bachadakis, founder and managing director of CIP Mobility GmbH.

From May 9 to 12, 2023, Munich will host one of the most important trade fairs for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management: Transport Logistic. Bolloré Logistics will present its latest solutions and service offerings there. In collaboration with mocci, the company will present the pilot project for sustainable delivery logistics. You will find both companies in hall A4, booth 311/410.

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About Bolloré Logistics

Bolloré Logistics is a global player in the supply chain sector and is one of the 10 largest transport and logistics groups in the world, with a network of 15,000 employees in 148 countries. Bolloré Logistics puts the customer at the heart of its strategy and is committed to designing innovative, robust and agile solutions. Thanks to reliable management of the entire supply chain, the company has developed a resilience that enables it to manage risks by hedging transport plans with alternative options, and to perpetuate its actions as part of a continuous improvement process. In doing so, it strives to act as an ethical and responsible actor.

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With its 8 branches and more than 450 dedicated employees, Bolloré Logistics Germany is one of the top 10 German freight forwarders. Its activities include air, sea and rail freight, domestic transport as well as project and contract logistics. Extensive knowledge of the German freight forwarding industry, especially in the aerospace and healthcare sectors, is a hallmark of their success. Due to its geographical location, Bolloré Logistics Germany acts as a hub in Central Europe.

About mocci  

As a brand of CIP Mobility GmbH, mocci is part of the CIP GROUP, which has been focusing on sustainable trends and business models for years. Started in 2004 as a Siemens spin-off by Yao Wen and Dimitrios Bachadakis, the CIP Group’s field of activity today encompasses the development, implementation and scaling of innovative and sustainable business models. mocci is revolutionising the growing European market for work and cargo bicycles in the B2B sector with its innovative Smart Pedal Vehicles. According to renowned studies, the size of the B2B market in 2022 was 2 million e-bikes in Europe. This is expected to increase to almost 7 million units by 2023.

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