Dimitrios Bachadakis

CEO & Co-Founder of

Grown up in Germany, Dimitrios completed his studies in Nuremberg and joined Siemens HQ for an international graduate program. As Founding Partner and CEO of CIP Group, Dimitrios is passionate about relevant mega trends and the creation of new sustainable businesses.

Dimitrios with his Greek origin grew up and studied business administration in Nuremberg at the Friedrich-Alexander University. He joined the exclusive “Siemens Trainee Program” for young graduates. During this period he had the chance to work in Singapore, Hong Kong and Orlando on several projects. When Dimitrios Bachadakis met Yao Wen at Siemens in 2002, the newly graduate “immediately noticed the innovative working atmosphere” in her department.

In 2004, together with Yao Wen he co-founded CIP as a management buy-out from Siemens AG. In the following years as CEO, Dimitrios developed CIP to a Group of Companies through the Holding Company, CIP Holding AG in which Dimitrios and Yao are sole shareholder.

In the past decades, Dimitrios laid the foundation for new business models and scaling them up into large revenue companies. To grow international Joint-Venture Partnerships and for execution of businesses he places great importance on a strategic management approach, paired with operational expertise of the teams. All in the basis of strong, international valued relationships and networks within the economic centres Asia and Europe.

Dimitrios strongly believes in business ideas that show long-term value add, provide a breakthrough solution and have a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the environment and society. Since 2015, the CIP Group is developing new mobility solutions under the name MOCCI. With an innovative micro eMobility platform, the company is creating a new vehicle class: Digital Intelligent Mobility. Breaking new ground in mobility, everything is linked around an innovative, sustainable and smart product platform.