Das Rad neu erfinden

In cooperation with high-class R&D partners from Germany, CIP Mobility has revolutionized the concept of wheels by utilizing and adapting approved high-performance polyamide materials and production processes from the automotive industry.

Extensive feasibility studies have been done to comply with all important safety requirements for various types of micro mobility vehicles. “We are offering our innovation especially to B2B customers with two, three and four wheeled pedelecs and cargo bikes”, said Dimitrios Bachadakis, Managing Director of CIP Mobility. Customers can choose between two product versions. One offers the possibility of a fully integrated and customizable drive unit system or hub gear. “Our wheels are significantly safer and maintenance free compared to traditional materials and spoke wheels, achieving a new degree of stability and longevity, offering numerous advantages especially from a total cost of ownership perspective”, said Yao Wen, Managing Director of CIP Mobility.

CIP Mobility and its experts created a unique, smart tooling concept for injection moulding, which is capable of high volumes with continuous quality and high automation. Furthermore, high reduction of single parts such as rim, spokes and hub has been achieved through integration into one component. The local production, “Made in Germany” is efficient scalable and offers a flexible and non-seasonal availability.

Initial discussions with international clients emphasizes the great potential for the wheel. Future developments for several sizes are already in place.

As part of the global operating CIP Group, CIP MOBILITY GmbH enhance the global market with innovative light urban e-Mobility solutions and parts that enable people to move into the future. The knowledge and the extensive experience in the global production & supply chain, puts the company at the forefront of the micro e-mobility revolution.

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