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Munich-based company mocci sets out on a course for growth course with innovative utility and cargo bike.

mocci has developed a Smart Pedal Vehicle for the B2B sector – a novel, robust and reliable cargo bike – which, thanks to intelligent software and hardware, does not require mechanical transmissions such as chain or belt. It also requires significantly less maintenance and is much more durable than conventional e-cargo bikes. The first mocci cargo bikes were produced in June 2022. The next steps will be assembly runs, tests, and certifications. In addition, preparations are underway to expand production in 2023. 

“We are on schedule with the development of our groundbreaking product and are in the middle of the exciting phase of market entry and delivery to well-known customers,” says mocci founder Dimitrios Bachadakis, who has already successfully implemented many business ideas together with his founding partner Yao Wen. mocci is part of the Munich-based CIP GROUP, which emerged from a management buyout of Siemens AG. For more than two decades, the group has played a pioneering role in the development and implementation of innovative business ideas. mocci has already been able to secure around 30 large companies as pilot customers. These will have mocci Smart Pedal Vehicles in operation starting from the third quarter of 2022. These include Messe München, Schaeffler and L’Osteria, to name a few. 

Low maintenance, durable and suitable for many industries

mocci combines a completely new drive, software and system architecture with innovative materials paired with a novel production approach from high-volume manufacturing. As a core innovation, mocci uses a digital chainless drive unit. The serial hybrid’s drive system is based on a concept in which the pedals drive a generator that produces energy for the electric motor in the rear wheel – without a chain or belt. Additional support is provided by an exchangeable, high-performance battery. This offers a completely new driving experience: customizable to the rider, safe, low-maintenance, sustainable and fully connected. This enables entry into a new software architecture with countless digital business models. 

As a further innovation, instead of steel or aluminum frames, mocci relies on a construction made of recyclable and extremely robust plastic. For example, the front and the rear wheel as well as the frame consist of only one structural component. The components are readily available because not only has mocci developed them in Germany but also brought their rapid and scalable production to regional locations. 

By eliminating the need for mechanical power transmission and reducing the number of components, mocci has created a very safe and low-maintenance system that offers tremendous advantages for commercial customers and is ideal for last-mile logistics. This results in low downtime combined with a long service life of five years. 

Behind the striking design, bestowed with the German Design Award, there are also many other benefits: mocci puts the user and the driver’s needs first, creating a new individual user experience, seamless integration, and safe driving. It is suitable for many different industries, for example, it can be used for transporting food, in logistics, or even as a campus or fleet vehicle. 

Sustainable and „Made in Germany “
The product not only enables mocci customers to get around sustainably thanks to its zero-emission drive. The Smart Pedal Vehicle also features a frame made of recyclable high-performance plastic. The Co2 emission in the production of such a frame is about 68% lower than in the production of a conventional aluminum frame. The recycling rate is about 95% because there is no material mixing. Processing operations such as painting, or welding are fully eliminated. The production concept also facilitates the use of local supply chains. This means mocci was not only developed in Germany but also brings component production of the main components and final assembly to Germany.

About mocci
mocci belongs to CIP Mobility GmbH as part of the CIP Group, which has been focusing on sustainable trends and business models for years. Started in 2004 as a Siemens management buyout by Yao Wen and Dimitrios Bachadakis, the CIP Group’s activities today include the development, implementation, and scaling of innovative and sustainable business models. mocci is revolutionizing the growing European market for utility and cargo bicycles in the B2B sector with its innovative Smart Pedal Vehicle. According to renowned studies, the market size of the B2B market in 2022 is 2 million e-bikes in Europe. This will increase to almost 7 million units by 2030. Within this, the market share of the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the core sales area of mocci, is around 40%.

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